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Patrick Kielty wasting no time introducing his one-year-old son to GAA

By Amy Mulvaney

Despite living in LA, Patrick Kielty is wasting no time introducing his one-year-old son to GAA.

The Northern Irish comedian, who welcomed his first child Milo with wife Cat Deeley in January 2016, is hoping that the tot will take an interest in the sport he grew up playing.

Speaking to at the launch of Kellogg's Cúl Camps, Patrick said: "I've a mini O'Neills' All Ireland football at the house in LA and now the young fella Milo, he's just starting to walk and he's kicking this ball around, so there might be a bit of football in him yet. Fingers crossed.

"Baby Milo is great. He's starting to walk and do all of that stuff, so we're baby proofing the house at the minute and trying to keep an eye on him. It's just great."

The Co Down native currently lives with Cat in sunny Beverly Hills, and the pair brought Milo to Ireland for the first time last summer.

"It was great. When you land back into Dundrum, it's brilliant because you get the joy of the whole thing all over again because there's so many family meeting him for the first time. It was just brilliant."

While based in LA, the jet-setting family often visit Ireland and London, both for work and for pleasure.

"Life's good in LA. It's nice. We're very very lucky now that we've got the best of both worlds because we're back and forward a lot. We just spent two and a half, three months here, we had a month before Christmas, we got to see family.

"Then I was working in January and Cat was doing some stuff in February and then we were able to go back to LA. So we're really really lucky that we get the best of there and we get the best of here."

Patrick (46) said that British tv presenter Cat, who he tied the knot with in Italy four years ago, is the "more organised" half in the relationship.

"I'm not a worrier. I mean I'm very much as things come. I tend to be more chilled, Cat would be more organsied. She's the one who gets stuff done. There always has to be ying and yang.

"Cat is in great form. When he's a baby, you think to yourself, 'This is going to be amazing.' And then every day is a new adventure. It's not until you are a parent that you realise how special the whole thing is.

"And then you don't want to bore the a** of everybody who's been a parent before you."

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