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Patrick Wilson's family commitment

Patrick Wilson has revealed being a father has affected the choices he makes in his film career.

The Morning Glory star, who has two young sons, four year-old Kalin and 17-month-old Kassian, with his actress wife Dagmara Dominczyk, admits he chooses film roles that he knows won't take him away from his wife and children for too long.

Patrick said: "I have two kids and every job I pick runs through the filter of 'Is this good for the family? Where does it shoot?'

"This movie [Morning Glory] shot in New York; that was a big bonus that rose to the top of the pile of jobs I would like to get.

"I did A-Team a year-and-a-half-ago and I knew even though it shot in Vancouver it wasn't going to take too long so I could have time with my family.

"So it's always that balance. But definitely once my kids were born, I don't look at it as a sacrifice but certainly it's what's going to be good for the family."

In Morning Glory, released on January 21, Patrick plays a producer on a breakfast TV show, who ends up dating another producer, played by Rachel McAdams, and the Watchmen star agrees it can be easier dating someone with the same career.

He said: "I guess if I see super famous people dating other super famous people it's probably because it's very difficult to... you know you want to find somebody that understands - that's a major part of their life that sort of fame.

"So it's easier to find somebody with a similar amount or more celebrity so it's not the elephant in the room. It's sort of a given, 'OK we're famous now let's move on'.

"I don't have that problem, but some people do."


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