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Pearce: Neighbours role was boring

Guy Pearce has revealed he felt drowned by the "monotony" of his role in Neighbours.

Before landing roles in films such as Memento and The King's Speech, Guy played Mike Young in the Aussie soap for four years.

But he said that he's since looked for diverse roles because it left him "drowning in the monotony of it all."

He went on: "I don't really understand those actors who play the same role all the time. I think, 'that's great if you want to do that and you're good doing that.' But I just don't get it."

The actor's next role is alongside Kate Winslet and Melissa Leo in HBO series Mildred Pierce.

He plays dashing man-about-town Monty Beragon, with whom Mildred shares impulsive romance, then much more.

Describing his character, Guy said: "Monty has been brought up with almost a religious belief that money is never a problem and it's always there, whereas Mildred is a working-class lady and a survivor. For her, it's all about responsibility. For Monty, it's not about responsibility at all."


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