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Pemberton: Whitechapel series scary

Steve Pemberton has warned this series of Whitechapel is set to scare viewers.

The actor, who plays the show's Ed Buchan, explained to TV Times that there would be a lot of spooky scenes coming up.

He said: "Spooky things start to happen at the station, unexplained occurrences that are really scary and creepy. It feels like something is coming alive and a presence is lurking there.

"It gets progressively worse each week and every character is affected in a different way. You sense there is a manifestation of evil which is stalking them and it gets really dark. That's the big thing this series - it's going to be very frightening for people - hopefully."

Steve admitted he would be following a few superstitions in the hope that the series goes down well.

He said: "There are always things that are unexplained and we all do things like touch wood or make a cross or say a silent prayer. I don't believe in anything like that, but I always touch wood. I am touching it now and hoping that this series goes down well."

Whitechapel continues on ITV on Wednesdays.


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