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Perry: I'm not candy queen any more

Katy Perry has suggested her music could take a darker turn following her split from Russell Brand.

Funnyman Russell, 37, filed for divorce from the Firework singer last year after 14 months of marriage.

Katy, 27, told the Radio Times: "I feel I have a lot to say on the next record. I have a lot to flush out of the system.

"I'm not saying that I'm not going to be the candy queen any more, but I think it's time for more meat and potatoes."

The US star added: "With (last album) Teenage Dream, I created this cotton candy cloud with a kind of a wink and a kiss, and it was all cute and fun and playful.

"Now it's as if I have had to step off this cloud and face reality.

"It's like I'm falling from cloud nine and crashing from the sky, crashing from the sweetness of that moment."

Katy's struggle to keep her marriage going is seen in her new film Katy Perry: Part Of Me, where she flies back to the US from tour dates to be with Russell in between gigs.

"Every 10 days or so I would put everybody (on the tour) on pause for three or four days so I could go back and re-charge and see to my relationship and give that time, which was very intense for me because the show was still on the road," Katy said.

"But I made that sacrifice because it was important for me and I had made a commitment at that time. Sometimes I had to fly in on the day of the show, completely jet-lagged and feeling like I had been hung by my ankles, and have to go on stage. But it's like I pushed a button when I walked out (on stage)."


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