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Peter Andre: I'm a better catch now

Peter Andre has said he's become a better boyfriend - thanks to his new TV show.

The star, who is dating Emily MacDonagh, is presenting new ITV2 show Bad Boyfriend Club, where he puts men who are in danger of being dumped by their girlfriends for being lousy partners, through their paces.

Katie Price's ex told The Sun: "I have learnt a lot by watching where the guys in my show go wrong and have been putting it into practice with Emily.

"I have been writing down all the things girls don't like and then I go on a date and the girl says, 'Oh my God, you just did everything right'.

"Emily said I was the first person she had been with who didn't have his phone on the table. I made out that I had always done that."

Peter said he hadn't always been a good catch.

"When I was about 19, I went on a first date with a girl to the cinema, but I fell asleep 15 minutes in," he said.

"She said to me, 'You are the biggest waste of space and time'."


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