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Peter Capaldi: Doctor Who makes me pity our politicians

By Sherna Noah

Malcolm Tucker and the Time Lord may appear to have little in common - but Peter Capaldi has said that his starring role in Doctor Who has made him much more sympathetic to the foul-mouthed spin doctor.

The actor is perhaps best known as the feared government communications boss who elevated creative swearing into an art form in Armando Iannucci's hit political satire The Thick Of It.

In complete contrast, his Doctor Who role was like "effectively joining a boy band or the Beatles", he told the Radio Times.

It had, he said, given him a better understanding of what it was like to be under constant scrutiny in politics.

"No one was particularly bothered about what I said before," Capaldi said.

"What's now shocking is I can't say anything publicly without it having a life.

"Not because I have extraordinary views but because people are keen on conflict, so they'll make that the story.

"They love to make out that (showrunner) Steven Moffat and I have disagreements. But that's business as usual.

"It made me realise how awful it must be to be a politician.

"I'm a lot more sympathetic to Malcolm Tucker's views now."

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