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Peter Kay's mum in Car Share fears

Comic Peter Kay says his mother is not a fan of hi s new hit show, Car Share, because she is too busy worrying about his driving .

The BBC show, which stars Kay and Sian Gibson as two supermarket workers sharing a lift to work and was filmed almost entirely inside the car , was a hu ge hit pulling in almost six million viewers for its first episode.

Appearing on Alan Carr's Channel 4 chatshow, Kay said: " My mum can't watch Car Share - well she does, but she says, 'Peter I can't enjoy it because you're not watching the road'.

"Well I am, but I'm not actually driving, I'm being pulled by a... I don't want to shine daylight upon magic, but I can't act and drive. I'd be all over the road and it's highly illegal, because you're concentrating on something else, you see. I am safe, mum."

Kay was joined on the show by US actress Ellie Kemper and singer Adam Lambert.


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