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Phillip Schofield terrifies Holly Willoughby during This Morning's ghost segment

Holly Willoughby didn't quite manage to avoid a scare, with Phillip Schofield deciding to take advantage of his pal's fear.

Phillip Schofield left his This Morning co-host Holly Willoughby terrified by making her jump during her toilet break on Wednesday (17May17).

The blonde beauty admitted prior to Peter Andre's segment about the possible existence of ghosts that she was going to make a sharp exit because she was too petrified to watch.

But Holly didn't quite manage to avoid a scare, as Phillip decided to take advantage of his pal's fear.

Returning to the screen after Peter's segment ended, Holly told viewers: "I went to the loo just then and while I was sitting down, I suddenly heard this roar. And it was (Phillip)."

As Phillip giggled to himself, Holly asked him: "Had some fun, did you? You just could not resist, could you?"

"Well, they are words I've never heard before!" Phillip jokingly replied.

It was then time for Holly and Phillip to go through some of the spooky pictures viewers had sent in. Referring to one, which appeared to show a woman with a net over her face through an archway at Nunney Castle at Wiltshire, Holly told Phillip and Rylan Clark-Neal: "I'm not going to look at it!"

Phillip then joked about the unusual name of the castle, laughing: "I don't think I could be scared of anything at a castle called Nunney!"

At that point, Rylan, who was on the show to present the entertainment news, chipped in: "I could!"

Taking the quip to be referring to Rylan's homosexuality, Phillip and Holly were left curled up by his hilarious remark, as were the viewers who took to social media in their droves to tweet about the incident.

"Couldn't be scared of anything in Nunney Castle.... Rylan could - morning sorted, full of laughs, thank you very much," one wrote, while another added, "I couldn't be scared of anything at a castle called Nunney.' 'I can'- howling at Rylan."

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