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Pictured: Rory McIlroy eyeing Masters glory after undergoing laser surgery


Rory wears eye protectors after his operation

Rory wears eye protectors after his operation

Rory wears eye protectors after his operation

He is already one of the best golfers in history.

So how much better is Rory McIlroy going to be now that he has had his vision sharpened through laser surgery?

The four-time Major winner took to Instagram to put up a post-operation photograph of himself yesterday.

It showed the Holywood native recovering from surgery with two eye protectors taped to his face, with a caption that read: "Human version of the dreaded K-9 cone.... Only for sleeping though! Laser eye surgery went well yesterday."

The former World No1, who won the DP World Tour Championship and Race to Dubai last month, first found out he needed glasses at the age of 10. He has worn contact lenses throughout his rise to the top of golf. And while it is not clear which type of laser eye surgery McIlroy had, there is no doubt his sights will now be firmly focused on the first Major of 2016 in the hope of completing a career Grand Slam with victory at The Masters in April.

After the golfer's recent successes, he set out his ambitions, saying: "This is my time to capitalise on my career - the next 10, 15 years is my time." London Vision Clinic's Professor Dan Reinstein, one of the world's leading eye surgeons, said McIlroy had made the right decision and his game should improve.

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"I was delighted to read that gifted golf star Rory Mcllroy has undergone laser eye surgery," the professor said.

"As an eye surgeon and a key inventor of the laser science behind this type of surgery, I can confidently say he has made an excellent decision.

"Good, clear vision is an absolute must for any sportsman, but especially a golfer.

"I treat many golfers and post-surgery I hear how much their game is boosted and careers are lengthened

"Well, I would say that, I can hear you holler. Actually, while Mcllroy's decision is a great endorsement of this type of life-changing surgery, I can also say that his overall eye health will benefit also simply because he is no longer wearing lenses.

"Mcllroy's vision problems started as a child - he was wearing prescription glasses at just 10 years old - and for most of his adult life he was a long term contact lens wearer.

"Due to the demands of the sport he has mastered, he would wear his lenses for long periods. This takes its toll on the eyes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-contact lenses. This isn't so much a criticism of lenses, but more so of those who wear them - sorry! Poor hygiene and bad habits can cause permanent damage among lens wearers.

"In my 20 years as a surgeon, I have seen some disturbing eye damage as a result of wearing these innocuous little optical devices."

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