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Piers: I wish US people heckled me

Piers Morgan has confessed he misses the abuse he used to get from the British public.

The former tabloid editor and Britain's Got Talent judge has moved to Los Angeles where he now presents his own chat show.

And while he is enjoying sunny Hollywood, he admitted there were things he missed about home.

Piers said: "I miss the sarcasm. Walking down the street and having somebody shouting horrible things at me.

"They don't do that here. They just say 'Love you, love your show!' In England it's 'Hate you, hate your show!'."

The 47-year-old TV presenter has three sons by his first wife who live in Britain, while he lives in America with his new wife Celia Walden, 35, and their baby daughter.

Piers said he also missed English beer.

He sighed: "A pint of hand pumped Tetley's or Harveys.

"I miss cricket. I miss the bad weather. I rang my sons and it's raining, it's cold and I thought 'God damn, I miss England'."


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