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Pink urges peers to ditch 'snarkiness' and support one another

Pink hates the "snarkiness" that exists between rivalry fan bases in the music industry.

Pink has urged her peers in the music industry to forgive and forget past feuds.

The 38-year-old star is currently enjoying a musical comeback, after taking some time away from the business to concentrate on raising her family with husband Carey Hart. But she has returned at a controversial time, with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's long running feud coming to a head at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, when Katy reportedly refused to introduce the video for Taylor's new track Look What You Made Me Do.

Accordingly, Pink, real name Alecia Beth Moore, is keen for the pair - and the rest of the female pop industry - to put their differences behind them.

"Music is a big enough platform where everybody can win at the same time so why not support your fellow females," she said during an interview with BBC's Newsbeat. "Why not support the people who are fighting the good fight for you?"

Of course, Pink is no stranger to a feud herself, after having clashed with Christina Aguilera over which parts they would sing in their 2001 cover of Lady Marmalade.

However, Pink insists those issues are long forgotten, adding: "I think Christina is incredibly talented, we've had our (problems) but it's done."

Pink is also keen for the support to extend to the fans of the artists. During Taylor and Katy's apparent feud, their respective fans stuck up for their idols, but comments between the groups soon became intense.

"When I was growing up I listened to all kinds of people, there weren't these groups of fans that were attacking everyone else's fan bases," she explained. "It's very catty and very snarky... Honestly, I'm just so tired of the snarkiness."

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