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Pitch Perfect's Rebel Wilson reveals she thinks Brad Pitt's hair 'smells like unicorns' on Graham Norton show

Actress Rebel Wilson has a fetish for smelling other stars' hair, and she has declared Brad Pitt's tresses remind her of "unicorns" after she sniffed his head at a showbiz bash.

The Pitch Perfect star was attending a Screen Actors Guild awards ceremony in Los Angeles when she was so starstruck she decided to get up close and personal with the Hollywood superstar.

Rebel has a peculiar habit of smelling other famous guests' hair at awards shows, and she couldn't resist the chance to check out Brad's locks.

She told talk show host Graham Norton: "I was at the SAG Awards and got to meet Brad Pitt but I was too nervous to say anything so I just smelt his hair. It was so embarrassing. You're really packed in like sardines and everywhere you turn there is someone mega famous and you don't know what to do so you smell their hair."

Asked by the host what aroma Brad's tresses conjured up, she replied "Like unicorns."

The interview is due to air tonight

Rebel has never been shy about saying what she really thinks, and her comic on-screen persona spills over into real life too. At the end of 2015 she was honoured at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Woman of the Year Awards, taking home the night's title award.

After accepting the prize the actress revealed that she's always been a fan of the magazine, especially the publication's sex tips pages.

"We were having this nice weekend in a hotel in New York and I wanted it to be special, so I Googled 'Cosmopolitan BJ tips,'" she recounted. "I grew up very conservatively and just wanted to be impressive. And there are some really weird tips, like put a fan in the corner of the room because every now and then you'll get this burst of air.

"There were some really detailed tips. But one of them was that you should get a bit of ice and put it in your mouth and it will drive your man wild."

Deciding to try it out she ordered a bucket of ice from room service but after waiting 30 minutes for the frozen aide, the romantic mood was killed.

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