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Pitt kids savvy enough for zombies

Brad Pitt has said he thinks his kids are savvy enough to be able to enjoy his zombie film World War Z.

Star and producer of the film Brad, 49, spoke at the London premiere of the movie about how much his children, the oldest of which is 11, had enjoyed watching it.

He said: "Some parents have not agreed with me after seeing it because it's the most intense film that you're going to see all summer.

"But my kids are savvy and I figure it's called parental guidance, so... But yeah, they loved it."

Brad has six children with fiancee Angelina Jolie, 37, who attended the film's premiere with him in her first public appearance since announcing her double mastectomy.

The Salt actress underwent the operation after finding out she carried the faulty BRCA1 gene and cut her likelihood of getting breast cancer from 87 per cent to just 5 per cent.

Being at the London premiere meant that she had to miss the funeral of her aunt Debbie Martin, who had died of breast cancer just a week earlier.

Angelina's mother Marcheline Bertrand died of ovarian cancer in 2007, a disease also associated with the gene.


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