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Plan B reveals frosty set reception

Ben Drew - better known as Plan B - has revealed how he received a frosty reception on the set of his debut film iLL Manors.

The platinum-selling hip-hop artist landed in Cannes to support the film, which he wrote and directed, but said there was not a good vibe when he first arrived on set.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "When I started, the crew were mostly like, 'What the f*** is this pop star doing making a film?'

"I had told them beforehand that I'd never done a film before and made that clear and they all said, 'Oh, we'll look after you, we're here to help', and then the first day of the shoot I got that (attitude)."

Ben's semi-autobiographical tale focuses on six characters who have to struggle to make it amid crime and violence in London's Forest Gate area.

He said he imagined a "guerrilla" film where he and the crew would just go out and film things as and when. Despite the director of photography's reservations, he said he managed to get iLL Manors made the way he wanted.

He is currently prepping an album of the same name as the film, has set up his own record label, Temperamental, and will take a starring role in the upcoming remake of the 1970s cult British cop show The Sweeney, opposite Ray Winstone.


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