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Pointless will remain a BBC show, vows host Richard Osman

Pointless host Richard Osman has said he would hate to see the BBC quiz show move to another network.

While programmes such as The Great British Bake Off and The Voice have switched channels, Osman said he believes Pointless has a "duty of care" to the viewers who watch the programme on the BBC to keep it there.

Asked whether Pointless might move if an offer was tempting enough, Osman told the Radio Times: "I think Pointless is a BBC show, and will remain a BBC show."

The presenter, who fronts the show alongside Alexander Armstrong, continued: "Look, we live in a very different TV environment now.

"The move of Bake Off (to Channel 4) I understand, The Voice UK (to ITV) I understand.

"But there would be no commercial reason to move Pointless, and we'd never want to because the BBC have backed it from day one - from BBC2 to BBC1 and to Saturday night specials, they've looked after it."

Osman continued: "I think we have a duty of care to the people who watch it on BBC1 to say we'll do it on this channel for as long as you want it."

Pointless is about to air its 1,000th edition.

To mark the milestone, Osman and Armstrong will reverse their usual roles - Osman will ask the questions and talk to the contestants, while Armstrong will be at the desk reading the answers.

"It was nice sitting down for once," said Armstrong. "But it did feel weird."

Osman said it was "fantastic fun, but strange".

He said: "I had done the show so often that I sort of thought I knew what Zander did.

"But it was so difficult doing his role that it confirmed to me that we are in the right positions. I had to keep turning to him and saying, 'What's the thing you say now?'"

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