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Poirot's screams on Orient Express

Poirot star David Suchet has revealed one passenger screamed when she saw him boarding the Orient Express.

The actor - who has played Agatha Christie's famous Belgian detective for 21 years - is appearing in documentary David Suchet On The Orient Express ahead of ITV's Christmas broadcast of the classic Murder On The Orient Express. But his presence on the train caused some excitement.

David revealed: "There was a woman who screamed when she saw me on the platform."

But he explained: "Only because the reason she was on the train was her husband bought her a ticket because her favourite book was Murder On The Orient Express and her favourite character is Poirot and she didn't expect to see me and literally screamed."

Other passengers felt reassured by the presence of the great detective.

David said: "I think a number of them were very relieved I was on board. I think a couple of people said to me 'Oh I'm glad there's not going to be a murder tonight' or 'If there's a murder tonight I'm glad you're there'."

And he spent a lot of time signing autographs when he wasn't enjoying his trip.

David laughed: "They sell the book on board so I was very busy in my down time signing a lot of books and being photographed with a lot of people, but that's alright."


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