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Police deny helicopter ruined Game of Thrones final scene in Northern Ireland



Night King and White Walkers

Night King and White Walkers


Night King and White Walkers

The climactic battle scene of Game of Thrones could be expected to have dragons sweeping in from the sky - but few could have predicted a PSNI helicopter joining the fray.

It's been claimed that an ambitious sequence for the finale was ruined by a police chopper gatecrashing the scene.

Shooting for HBO's fantasy smash hit took place over 11 weeks of gruelling night shoots in the Winterfell set based in Magheramorne Quarry, Co Antrim.

Entertainment Weekly's James Hibberd was on set in April last year and claimed a PSNI helicopter flew overhead during "a ridiculously sensitive scene".

However, the PSNI has denied it was one of their aircraft.

Writing for the major US magazine, he described the turmoil that unfolded in Westeros.

"The great battle is over, the snowy ground is streaked with blood, beloved heroes lay dead outside the castle gates," he said.

"Winterfell is quiet. And then… a sudden roar from above. A gust of wind. A blur of low-flying movement.

"A dragon? No. An ice dragon? Worse."

The reaction of one alarmed crew member was said to have been: "F****** spoiler helicopter just flew right over the set."

Mr Hibberd's article, which has also been quoted in Irish and Australian media outlets, continued: "The helicopter seemingly came out of nowhere and flew directly over a ridiculously sensitive scene from the show's final season."

A PSNI spokesperson contradicted the report yesterday, saying their helicopter was not involved.

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