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Portrait of Sir David Attenborough unveiled at Leicester museum

A portrait of Sir David Attenborough has been unveiled to commemorate his 90th birthday.

The painting of the veteran broadcaster was completed by artist Bryan Organ whose works include the Prince of Wales, former prime minister Harold Macmillan, and Sir David's brother Lord Attenborough.

It was unveiled at the New Walk Museum, where Sir David volunteered when he was younger and where his love for the natural world developed.

When asked what he made of the portrait, he said: "I haven't had the chance to have a look at it - I mean, I've only seen it obliquely.

"As far as I can see, it's very nice.

"It was great fun sitting with Bryan, the only problem was, the painting got in the way."

The portrait was commissioned by the City of Leicester Museums Trust charity, on behalf of the city council's museums, and will complement the portrait of Lord Attenborough painted by Mr Organ in 1986.

Mr Organ described the process of painting Sir David as "one of the really good ones" and an "exceptionally pleasant project".

He added: "The aim is to try and tell a bit of a story, because everyone who looks at these things sees a different thing.

"The worst person to ask what it's like is this man (Sir David) because we are all concerned with our own image.

"I think on the whole, we have no idea what we look like. I think I look like Steve McQueen, he (Sir David) looks more like Steve McQueen than I do.

"He will like it the older he gets."


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