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Posh Spice takes the driving seat

Victoria Beckham has moved on from designing clothes to cars after launching her very own four-by-four.

The fashionista and mother-of-four is in Beijing where she has just unveiled her own 'baby' Victoria Beckham Range Rover Evoque special edition, priced at £80,000 at the Auto China motor show.

Victoria revealed she had taken inspiration from her father's Roll-Royce. When she used to ride in it she would enjoy taking her shoes off to sink her toes into the thick carpet. Her new car has thick mohair mats.

She said: "It's the small detail that makes all the difference. I want everyone who gets into this car to feel special and empowered by its quality and craftsmanship."

She added: "I brought a naivety to this project because I have never designed a car before. But it feels real.

"It's a great honour. I wanted to design a car that I want to drive and that David would want to drive. I want a car that reflects my personality. I'm really proud of this car."

Meanwhile, the former Spice Girl attracted controversy as she arrived in China after tweeting a picture of herself sitting in a crew-only seat on her flight from Hong Kong to Beijing.

Victoria wrote: "Cabin crew prepare for landing! Welcome to Beijing!! X vb," alongside a photograph of her sitting in one of the crew seats and posing with the handset for the public address system while an air hostess sitting next to her pulled a silly face.

An spokeswoman for Cathay Pacific airlines told the Associated Foreign Press: "It was inappropriate as the crew seats are only for the cabin crew and passengers should not be allowed to touch any of the aircraft equipment."

She added that the picture was not taken at any critical stage of the flight, such as take-off or landing.


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