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Prankster Jack Jones 'almost punched' in Belfast as he tickles men's beards for video

Warning: Video contains strong language

A prankster was almost punched in Belfast as he filmed his latest video which sees him approaching random men to tickle their beard.

Jack Jones is a very well-known English prankster with his videos generating thousands of likes.

His videos often feature unsuspecting members of the public.

The most recent video took him to Belfast where he approached men and saying nothing, reached out and tickled their beard.

While some initially looked a little bemused at the prankster approaching them on the streets of Belfast - the majority saw the funny side.

However it seems that one man didn't quite see the comedy.

Jack exclusively told the Belfast Telegraph that he was "nearly punched by someone who didn't find the pranks funny at all".

Although, the prankster himself saw the funny side and subsequently the video went viral and is now sitting on 1.5 million hits.

Jack said he doesn't get scared when doing pranks and that he's used to the reaction.

He said: "There have been occasions when I've been punched, but it's part of the job.

"My main priority is to make people laugh so if it means getting a punch to make people laugh, I don't mind."

In Belfast, the man swung for Jack but just missed him.

He said: "Regardless of that I love Belfast, it's probably the best reaction I've had so far

"The people of Belfast were so friendly."

And Jack hasn't been deterred as he is planning another trip to Northern Ireland.

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