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Pressure mounts as Apprentice candidates tackle London property market

The Apprentice candidates get the ultimate test of their sales patter this week as they are thrown into London's pricey property market.

The eight remaining contestants must sell mid-price and high-end properties to the city's most discerning clients with the teams competing to see who will bring home the most commission.

Former estate agent Richard Woods becomes project manager for Connexus and leads a smooth charm offensive, but team Versatile get a knockback when they're told they are not "polished" enough for Canary Wharf's upmarket clientele.

With half of Versatile shifting million-pound properties in upcoming Stratford and half flogging mid-priced flats in Lewisham, bitter in-fighting threatens to see them crumble.

On Connexus, poor preparation sees one candidate confuse a wardrobe and a washing machine in front of clients in their studio layout, while the other half of the team face an even tougher uphill climb as they have neither floor plans nor a show flat to convince buyers to part with up to £1.5 million of their hard-earned cash.

As deals begin to fall through, one team take a resigned approach while the other's hard sell goes into overdrive as they pound London's streets.

And once again, Karren Brady has to step in to stop one candidate fluffing the truth.

The two teams gather in the boardroom to discover if it is boom or bust, but there is a shock in store when the pressure gets too much for one candidate.

After a heated showdown in the boardroom, at least one candidate hears Lord Sugar utter those fateful words... "You're fired!"


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