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Price swears off onesies forever


Katie Price has explained why she won't wear onesies ever again

Katie Price has explained why she won't wear onesies ever again

Katie Price has explained why she won't wear onesies ever again

Katie Price has vowed never to don a onesie again - because her husband Kieran Hayler and former pal Jane Pountney wore them when they had sex behind her back.

The model, who is known for her love of the all-in-one comfies, told her Celebrity Big Brother housemates that she had gone right off the items since finding CCTV footage of the pair sneaking out of her onesie fancy dress party to have sex in the stables.

According to The Sun, she said: "Whenever I do parties, they are always fancy dress because I think people make an effort and it's always fun. This is the first year I didn't because last year I did a onesie one and Kieran and Jane f***ed in my stables so I'll never wear a onesie again.

"It's on my cameras. You can see them walking up to the stables and I never knew. Everyone was in my house partying."

Katie conceded that she would continue wearing her cashmere one-piece because it was not a "proper onesie".

She also found some common ground with housemate Katie Hopkins, who was expected to be a rival as she had previously criticised Price's choice of the name Bunny for her daughter.

According to the Daily Mirror, Price told her: "Before I came in the house no one would have ever thought that we would get on. Yes, you're very opinionated and not everybody likes what you say because you're opinionated but you never say opinionated things that are nice.

"They are always opinionated things that are horrible but being in the house here with you it's been nice and refreshing that we can actually talk about normal things."

She continued: "I love your humour, you're right up my street. I'll definitely be your friend out of the house because I think you're really funny, witty, family orientated and I think you've got a heart.

"I actually don't think there's that many bad bones in your body but I know you come across like you have."

Hopkins began to cry as she explained: " The thing is no-one ever really worked out that in all the years of slinging abuse at me, which I absolutely accept all of it, no-one ever really worked out that my real Achilles' heel is a compliment."