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Psychoville's Steve back in drag

Reece Shearsmith has revealed Psychoville's Steve Pemberton will be playing a woman again in the new series of the dark BBC comedy.

The League Of Gentleman actor, famous for playing local shop keeper Tubbs, transsexual taxi-driver Barbara and job centre restart officer Pauline in the cult show, didn't play a woman in the first series of Psychoville which he co-writes and stars in with Reece, and Reece is delighted he will be donning a dress again.

Reece revealed at a preview of the Psychoville Halloween special at the BFI: "We've got a new character called Hattie who's a make-up artist in TV and film and she is played by Steve."

He went on: "It's great that he's finally playing a woman again. He hasn't played a woman in Psychoville which is amazing.

"So he's got this new character. You'll love it when you see it - there's shades of a certain restart officer.

He added: "He won't like me saying that, he's stretched his acting muscles, he's very good."

Speaking about the highly anticipated forthcoming new series Reece revealed the character of Hattie is asked to marry her gay friend's boyfriend to save him from being deported when his visa runs out.

He revealed: "She does it out of kindness and then things start to be a bit horrible as she doesn't want to relinquish the role... And that's got a great ongoing story and just gets worse and worse in the way things do."


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