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Quentin loves life on the farm

Caroline Quentin has said her life on a farm is idyllic - even if it doesn't bring any money in.

The Men Behaving Badly actress lives on a smallholding in Devon with her husband Sam and two children Emma, 13, and William, 10.

"I don't think everyone likes animals and the countryside, but I think it's heaven, she said.

"It's like a massively expensive hobby, running a smallholding. Unless you're someone who can make money out of it and I certainly couldn't. I don't have the skills for it. But we love it and that's why Sam and I do it."

The Restoration Home host, whose TV and theatre work pays for the smallholding's upkeep, added: "I'm lucky, because I can choose whether to go to work now. I can make informed decisions about whether to do a play or take time off."

:: Restoration Home returns to BBC Two on Wednesday, July 10.


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