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Quirke to watch show with old pals

Pauline Quirke has revealed she is planning to watch the first episode of Birds Of A Feather's new series with her castmates Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph.

The actress, who is returning to her role as Sharon Theodopolopodous, said she was as close as ever to Linda and Lesley.

She said: "We are always going to each other's places. Even when we were on tour, we would always go back to one of our flats. We will definitely watch the first episode together.

"Linda and Lesley are very much part of my life and I always find it very insulting when I am asked if there is any competitiveness between the three of us because we are all actresses."

Pauline said she felt very comfortable going back to the role.

She admitted: "Our characters are our alter egos. Coming back to make Birds Of A Feather is not like starting a new show where you have to invent the character from scratch. The girls were there waiting for us to play them again.

"And I have loved it. When we started rehearsing again, it really did feel like stepping back in time - but in a nice way.

"My best moment was when I walked in and there were cameramen there who we had worked with on the original series. It was weird but also really lovely. We have such a good time with each other and we have always said we wanted to give it another go. Now we are, we are having the best time ever."


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