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Quitter Gemma 'put off TV for life'

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! quitter Gemma Collins told fellow campers that the show had put her off TV for life before she walked.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star stomped out of the ITV show in the early hours of today, having managed just three days while grumbling about hunger and complaining that she thought she may have malaria.

But as she quit the programme, Collins said she had no regrets about taking part and suggested she would refocus her life as she declared: "I believe that this is the start of me now, and nothing is going to change it."

Her final moments were screened in the show this evening, as she followed past contestants Brian Conley, Nigel Havers and Katie Price, who are among those who have previously opted to leave.

She had already made it clear that she wanted out, saying: "I cannot go another day in here, it's not on, it's ridiculous - it's put me off TV for life, this is bullshit, I can't handle it, get me out, I won't be coming back for more ever, ever, ever."

Viewers have seen 18-stone Collins grumble about the food portions, saying "People who murder get treated better than this. Even a murderer gets fed three times a day."

She misdiagnosed herself as suffering malaria - which has long been wiped out in Australia where the show is filmed - as a result of an upset stomach.

Explaining her decision to go she said: "I have to start living my life the way I want to live it and this isn't it. Do you know what, I don't want any of this, I just don't want to have to put myself through such extreme measures all the time. I just want to be normal."

And she told the others on the show: "I'm so out of my comfort zone that it's made me realise the girl I once was. I have become a character, a puppet of Gemma that is not the real me and no amount of money would keep me here.

"I just want to be me and I don't need to sit in the jungle for three weeks and play up to the cameras, I'm tired of it, I just want to be me. This has been the most life changing thing I've ever done and the best thing I could have done for myself."

Her fellow competitors had already grumbled that her presence was having a detrimental effect on them, with Craig Charles complaining: "The negative vibes are constant and bringing me down."

Collins's departure may cause some concerns for camper Tinchy Stryder who went through a gruelling series of challenges to ease her plight by releasing her from a prison area of the jungle camp.

The rapper braved a tank of rotting meat, cockroaches, fish guts and mud crabs to win meals but he sacrificed his winnings - which would have held off the contestants' hunger pangs - to free one of the others from the "slammer".

But his efforts - and their lost meals - now appear to have been in vain.

Viewers appeared unsurprised that she had walked off. One wrote on Twitter : "Gemma Collins has quit the I'm a Celebrity Jungle. And in other news, Bags of peanuts may contain traces of nuts. "

Others appeared unimpressed by her lack of resilience, with one online message saying: "" How can Gemma quit I'm A Celebrity? People starve across the world and she's lasted 48 hours on a low quantity of food. What a clapped fish."


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