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Rachel Bilson: 'I'm too happy to have another child right now'

The star's toddler is already a pro on the plane.

Actress Rachel Bilson is convinced getting pregnant again would destroy her happiness.

The Nashville star shares two-year-old daughter Briar Rose with actor Hayden Christensen and she admits she doesn't want another kid at the moment.

"I may have another child, that's still up in the air," she tells Lapalme Magazine. "I’m having so much fun with the one right now. I want to be happy and content."

Bilson thinks having a second kid would be far less enjoyable and disruptive of the good flow she's got going on right now as a mother-of-one: "All the life BS (bulls**t) that happens doesn’t matter (right now)," she says, "You want to be happy, you want your kid to be happy and you want everyone in your life to be healthy and happy."

Rachel has her hands full with little Briar Rose anyway, noting the toddler has become quite the cosmopolitan traveller.

"She’s already a pro on an airplane," the proud mum gushes. "She’ll say, 'It’s time to put up my tray!’ (when it's time for the plane to land)."

And the 35-year-old admits she is now far more choosy about her acting projects thanks to motherhood.

"It’s the actual time that the work takes that affects my (work) choices now," she explains.

This doesn't mean Rachel will write off travelling for work in the future - she is keen on taking up new projects when Briar Rose gets older.

"I think anytime you’re on location you feel like you’re away at summer camp in a way," she smiles. "You’re more open and receptive to life experiences than you are at home.”

The star met her partner Hayden on the set of their 2008 movie Jumper, and calls the experience "the most precious time" of their lives.

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