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Rachel Weisz finds questioning over feminist roles 'absurd'

Rachel Weisz can't help but find it amusing when people confuse her husband Daniel Craig with his James Bond character.

Rachel Weisz finds it "absurd" when she is questioned over her choice of feminist roles.

The British actress has built up a reputation for portraying diverse characters since launching her career in 1994, appearing in films such as The Constant Gardener, Denial and the recently unveiled My Cousin Rachel.

While Rachel isn't afraid to tackle a difficult part, she refuses to accept some of the biased questions reporters will ask her.

"That's where my main interest lies," she told Britain's Harper's Bazaar magazine of playing complex women onscreen. "But everyone has been asking me about playing 'strong women' and I find it absurd. You'd never, ever say that to an actor. Speaking as a strong woman? It's like, 'speaking as a giraffe', like some endangered species."

The 47-year-old went on to share that she has found some of her most recent parts, such as playing Sarah Churchill, the Duchess of Marlborough, in upcoming The Favourite, to be some of the "juiciest roles" she's had. In a way, Rachel feels as if she's just "getting going" when it comes to her craft, and truly has no desire to play young women or go down the plastic surgery route to appear more youthful.

"Well, it's like being an athlete, in a way. Your body is your tool," the star said. "I think women in middle age look incredibly beautiful. It's a different moment."

In addition, Rachel also explained that even though she is married to actor Daniel Craig, they try their best to live a very quiet life. And she doesn't appreciate it when people confuse her husband with the character he plays in the James Bond films.

"I did (ITV morning talk show) Lorraine this morning, and she said, 'So, you're married to Bond!' And I said, 'No, I'm married to someone who pretends to be that character,'" she sighed.

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