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Radcliffe 'excited' by mayor Izzard

Eddie Izzard has a new supporter in his bid to become London mayor - Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

The 51-year-old comedian is seeking the Labour nomination for mayor of London in 2019 .

Daniel, 24, currently starring in Sky Arts drama A Young Doctor's Notebook And Other Stories, told the Radio Times that he was disillusioned by party politics.

"I'm not an affiliate of any party. I do vote - I think it's important. The first time I voted, I felt I had graduated as a full member of society," he said.

"But politics is disillusioning; it's just bickering, it's exhausting. I think the next thing I'm going to get excited about is Eddie Izzard running for London mayor.

"He's really interesting, super-smart and brings a huge amount of integrity - something that we definitely don't have today."

When Daniel, at 18, said he would vote for the Liberal Democrats, he received a letter from Nick Clegg and the pair later met.

"He asked me to come and help out with youth policy and I was like 'No, no, no, I do not speak for my generation!'," he told the magazine.

Daniel, who mentioned voting Labour a few years later, added: "You know what? Like everybody else, I change my mind."

The Kill Your Darlings actor, who became teetotal at 21 after he began drinking every night and having blackouts, drew a little on his own fears to play a morphine-addicted character in A Young Doctor's Notebook.

"I think you can definitely find elements of psychology that are the same - not that I ever was as bad, but I walked away (from alcohol) for a reason," he said.

Daniel, who is in a relationship with actress Erin Darke, said he was now more protective of his private life.

"There was a time when I thought that the closer the public perception of me was to the real me, the happier I would be, so I tried to put as much information out there as I felt safe doing.

"But what I learnt is, more information just leads to further speculation."

He added: "The one piece of advice I would give to anybody getting into any sort of situation where they're recognised is: at all costs retain your sense of humour.

"Try to have fun even if you're in a very mad situation. Premieres and stuff, having people scream at you... it's quite overwhelming. It's lovely in one way but at the same time it's intimidating."

He said of his past as a child star: "When you start at 10 or 11, I think it's actually easier - you grow into it.

"If I was (Twilight actor) Rob Pattinson, suddenly getting to 22 or 23 and finding nothing you do is private any more, I wonder how I'd deal with it."

He added: "I'm probably the happiest I've been in my life at the moment. A bit tired but very, very happy generally."


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