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Raine: Jenny gets to dance at last

Jessica Raine has revealed her Call The Midwife character lightens up a bit in series two.

The actress plays notoriously secretive young midwife Jenny in the hit television adaptation of Jennifer Worth's memoirs of working as a midwife in the Fifties.

Notoriously secretive Jenny opens up a bit in this series, which was a relief to Jessica Raine, who plays her. "She very slowly comes round to the idea of a man being in her life," she said.

"I feel sorry for Jenny in the men department, I'm like, 'Come on! Go out dancing!' And she does eventually."

Co-star Helen George plays bubbly Trixie, who is set to get her fingers burnt a bit in this series.

"There's a love interest for her, an older man, which doesn't go quite to plan. She gets her confidence knocked a bit which is completely irritating and not in her plan whatsoever," the actress revealed.

:: Call The Midwife begins on BBC One on Sunday, January 20.


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