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Rampling: I don't look at myself

Charlotte Rampling does not approve of the selfie generation - because her number one rule is not to look at her own picture.

The 68-year-old actress has had a career on the big and small screen for 40 years - managing to progress from beautiful ingenue to strong leading lady - and is currently starring in hit TV show Broadchurch as prosecution barrister Jocelyn Knight.

But she does not look back at her work.

She told the TV Times: "You shouldn't have a relationship with your image.

"Since the beginning, I've said, 'I'm not going to get involved with my image.'

"You just glimpse. You don't go into it."

But the appearance of hit drama Broadchurch is part of its appeal for Charlotte.

She said: "It's a very real honest tale of people's lives, very cinematographic - so it's beautifully shot.

"You just get very involved with these people."


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