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Randy Quaid slams brother Dennis for A Dog's Purpose support

The actor suggests his brother should be waterboarded for defending the film at the centre of animal rights drama.

Brokeback Mountain star Randy Quaid has taken aim at his brother Dennis over his involvement in the movie at the centre of a new animal rights drama.

Officials at PETA have called for animal lovers to boycott A Dog's Purpose, which is released in the U.S. on Friday (27Jan17), after video of a trainer forcing a terrified German Shepherd into rushing water on set emerged online last week (ends20Jan17), but the film's leading man, Dennis, and producer Gavin Polone are defending the movie, assuring everyone the footage captured was not an accurate depiction of what went on behind the camera.

Movie bosses, who launched an investigation into the treatment of all animals on the set, pulled the plug on the premiere last weekend (21Jan17), but the film has been released as planned - and PETA bosses have set up protests outside 30 cinemas screening A Dog's Purpose across America tonight.

And now Dennis Quaid's actor brother has blasted The Rookie star for defending the film, suggesting he should be waterboarded - a controversial torture method used on terrorists.

In a series of tweets, Randy writes: "Sad small brother's turning blind eye to terrified dog's obvious distress (sic). Somebody waterboard my brother and see how he likes it... Turning a blind eye to that dogs obvious distress is criminal (sic). So sad."

Quaid goes on to admit he hasn't spoken to his brother in years "for exactly the kind of disgusting treatment of the abused German Shepherd that is his trait."

He then posted a photo of his own dog Doji, lying on an armchair.

Dennis Quaid has been out promoting his film this week (beg23Jan17), and in an interview with Access Hollywood Live he said, "We had a shot where one of our dogs, Hercules, had to jump in the water and save somebody who had fallen in, and somebody on the set that day... took video and then edited that video to make it look as if the dog was really in distress and had been forced to go into the water.

"I saw the footage that was shot that day... and I know that dog and they had to restrain the dog, actually, from jumping in the water, because he had been trained to do it and he loved to do it so much. He got out of the water, he shook himself off, he was fine... a happy dog."

He added, "I wouldn't be out here supporting this movie if any of it were true."

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