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Rashida Jones for Carell sitcom

Rashida Jones has signed up for her first acting job after leaving Parks And Recreation - a new sitcom co-created and directed by Steve Carell.

The actress has starred in NBC comedy Parks And Recreation since it began in 2009 and is due to leave with on-screen partner Rob Lowe at the end of this month.

According to E!, her next stop will be the show Tribeca, in which she will play Angie Tribeca of LAPD's RHCU's (Really Heinous Crimes Unit) who is unimpressed when she is told she has to work with a partner.

TBS, broadcasting the show which will be co-written by Steve's wife Nancy, said Tribeca "explores an eccentric but brilliant group of people who investigate crime, reveal way too much personal information, and refuse to rest until justice has been served...sort of."

Meanwhile, Parks And Recreation creator Mike Schur issued a statement after news of Rashida's exit broke, saying: "Rashida was one of the very first people we knew we wanted in the cast, and as important as Ann (her character) is to Leslie (Amy Poehler) and vice-versa, she'll certainly never be far from Pawnee (where the show is set)."

Rashida has also been given a pilot order from NBC for A To Z, a sitcom which she is producing.


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