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Raza Jaffrey: Spielberg was a gent

British actor Raza Jaffrey has said it was an "extraordinary moment" to find himself working with Steven Spielberg.

The Spooks actor stars in the US musical TV hit Smash, with Debra Messing, Anjelica Huston and Jack Davenport, which is produced by Steven.

He said of working with the famous director: "It was an absolutely extraordinary moment. He's obviously someone who shaped my childhood, and everyone else I know.

"I loved Raiders Of The Lost Ark and ET, right the way through to Jurassic Park and beyond, and so to meet him and to be working with him was just the most extraordinary thing.

"He's an absolute gentleman and still a brilliant visionary, and a real pleasure to be around."

Raza also appeared in cult David Cronenberg movie Eastern Promises - but said many of his scenes were cut.

"Originally when I was cast in that film, I was supposed to be Naomi Watts' love interest; it kind of changed an awful lot and I ended up doing very little on it; a lot of it didn't make the final cut; a lot of it was on the cutting room floor," he said.

"But to have worked with him and to have had scenes with Naomi Watts was a really great thing to do."

:: Smash Season One is available on DVD now.

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