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Redman didn't want New Tricks death

Amanda Redman has said she's flattered Red 2 was inspired by New Tricks, but doesn't want her exit to be in a hail of bullets.

The actress is leaving the BBC police show and told the Radio Times she was proud of its success.

She said: "The greatest compliment is to be copied. The new film Red 2, starring Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis and John Malkovich, is New Tricks on the big screen, it absolutely is. I hear they took the idea from us. But that's the marvel of America - they add machine guns and fabulous stuff."

Talking about leaving New Tricks, Amanda said: "When I decided to leave, however, I definitely didn't want to go in a blaze of 9mm. There's an actor superstition with that, actually. If you are killed on screen it's a bit worrying. Instead we all sat down and talked and came up with ideas as to what the best leaving story would be."

Amanda explained more about her reasons for leaving: "Even though I've had the best time, after a bit you go, 'Oh come on now, I need more challenging stuff.'

"I was very lucky in the first eight years because I was able to do other work in between. I've never been the sort of actor who is happy just doing one thing. When we went to 10 episodes, it became impossible to do that. I knew it was time to move on."


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