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Reid, Shephard get wet for charity

Good Morning Britain presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard got a drenching for a charity stunt this morning - and were left shrieking.

The pair had chilly water thrown over them during this morning's show as they agreed to take the "ice bucket challenge" which has seen many public figures and celebrities receive a dousing.

Susanna, wearing a sleeveless print dress, showed her horror as she was about to be soaked, asking: "Oh my goodness, is this actually going to happen?"

She screamed as the water poured over her and looked as though she was in danger of losing her balance as she tottered in her heels.

Afterwards she grinned as she stood on the roof of the ITV studio at London's South Bank but said: "It's so cold."

They were nominated to take part by weather presenter Laura Tobin, who has already had a go.

Participants then dare others to take part in the challenge, which raises money and awareness for Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Ben then nominated This Morning presenters Ruth Langsford and her husband Eamonn Holmes, with Ruth responding: "We accept that challenge."

Later Langsford was as good as her word when she bravely agreed to the icy water over her head, with her husband Holmes and fellow presenter Rylan Clark in charge of the pouring duties.

After a count of three she was soaked and before waving to the crowd she declared: "Oh that's so cold."

Holmes had earlier joked that it would be like a "wet T-shirt competition", but Clark stepped to her aid with a towel to cover her up, telling her: "Cover them up Ruth, it's a family show!"

Afterwards she said: "Well there you go, I promised I'd do it. I can't actually hear, I'm so cold."


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