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Reilly: Sexy is how you feel inside

Kelly Reilly is becoming less bothered about her image as the years go by.

"When you're younger you're really concerned with being attractive and as an actress you want to make sure you look good and look the part," the 33-year-old Above Suspicion star said.

"As I've got older I've kind of cared less - being sexy is how you feel, not how you look."

Kelly is returning to TV screens as DI Anna Travis for the third series of Above Suspicion, adapted from author Lynda La Plante's bestselling novels about the rookie detective.

Throughout the series, DI Travis has had a steady stream of male admirers and the latest ITV instalment, Deadly Intent, is no exception.

Kelly said of her glamorous character: "She doesn't apologise for herself. She has a sort of 'take me as I am, if you want to judge me I don't really care' attitude.

The actress added: "She's quite brilliant and the fact that she wears a skirt and heels to work, I didn't mind it at all. She could be an excellent police officer and still be a woman and also be an attractive woman.


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