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Restaurant warning for diners hungry for glimpse of Jamie Dornan


Popular: Jamie Dornan

Popular: Jamie Dornan

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Popular: Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan might be a dish - but patrons at one of Northern Ireland's top restaurants seem to want him served up on a plate when the former model pops in for a bite.

Ramore Restaurants in Portrush posted a note on their Facebook page explaining how patrons can contact them during office hours for general enquiries.

The post, however, gained plenty more attention when it listed some of their more unusual and witty requests for information.

Among them was a call from a customer who wanted the restaurant to let them know the next time Fifty Shades of Grey star Dornan was in the establishment.

The Holywood actor has been spotted at the coastal eatery on a number of occasions, including last September while taking a break from a Press tour for one of his films.

Jamie happily stood and took pictures with fans and it seems others wanted to seize the opportunity when he was next in the area.

Another request included the staff being asked to deliver desserts to homesick relatives in Belgium.

Co Tyrone golfer Darren Clarke (left) is also a regular at the popular north coast eatery, although there didn't appear to be any requests about his whereabouts.

Understandably, staff at the restaurant had to politely decline these particular pleas, saying: "We can't deliver desserts to homesick relatives in Belgium.

"We cannot tell if it's going to be sunny next Tuesday.

"We are unable to give you the recipe for our chilli beef (even though you want it for your wedding).

"No, we can't call to tell you the next time Jamie Dornan is in the restaurant."

But clearly, the optimistic customers believe there's no harm in just asking.

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