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Resurrection best kept to fiction

The stars of Resurrection have said they think it is a good thing that the TV show's themes are based firmly in fiction, otherwise people wouldn't be able to cope mentally.

The programme, based on the French series The Returned, follows a town whose dead loved ones start to reappear as if they are still living, even though some of them have been gone for 30 years.

Devin Kelley, who plays Maggie Langston, said: "We talked about this a lot on set and I think that if this actually happened, we said that people would just die of heart attacks.

"I don't think your brain could handle it, my brain would probably explode or I would check myself into a mental institution. It's crazy and I love that our show digs into the reality of it.

"It's an absurd impossibility, but we deal with 'OK, if this did happen, how would people psychologically cope?'."

Kurtwood Smith, who plays Henry Langston, agreed: "We've all wished that someone who we know would come back and what we don't think about what happens the next day.

"We all want them to come back, we all want to get up and see our mum there at the breakfast table, sit down and have a talk with her, and we don't think about the fact that the next day she's there and the rest of life seems to be going on."

Frances Fisher, who plays Lucille Langston, added that she thought the themes would be something most viewers could relate to.

She said: "They're going to be very surprised as I was when I first read the script, because it's very emotional. We've all lost someone, so if they can watch it by putting their own experience into what our characters are going through, I think it will be a very rich and rewarding experience for them."

Resurrection begins on Watch on August 18 at 9pm.


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