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Reunion will go bad says Gilliam

Monty Python star Terry Gilliam predicted their reunion will "go bad at some point" and said next year's show would be all the better for it.

He said all five of them "quickly fall back into the patterns" of Monty Python and said they had mellowed with old age and were "not as aggressive to each other" as they used to be.

But he said he hoped there was at least a bit of creative tension, saying: "D on't worry, it will go bad at some point, I hope so because when it went bad when we were doing the shows it produced interesting moments ."

His co-star Michael Palin said the group's advancing years - they have a combined age of 357 - will present some problems for the show.

The actor and comedian said one change for the better was " people get less upset when they don't get their way".

But he said: "I'm more nervous about the actual stagecraft of it all because it's going to be quite a complicated show".

He added: "We are old guys, it takes a long time to change from a chartered accountant into a lumberjack."


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