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Revenge's Barry: Less guns more sex

Revenge star Barry Sloane has promised the new series of the show will have "less guns and more sex".

The Liverpudlian actor plays Aiden Mathis, one of Emily Thorne's lovers in the Channel 4 show about a young woman on a mission for revenge against the people responsible for destroying her childhood.

Barry revealed of the upcoming third season: "This season is a lot simpler than last year. We've simplified a lot of things, we've just got the core villains.

"Less guns more sex is what we're going for this season - yes more! If you can believe it."

Despite being filmed in Canada, Revenge has a number of Brits in the cast, including Josh Bowman, who plays another of Emily's love interests Daniel Grayson, and Ashley Madekwe, who plays schemer Ashley Davenport.

Barry revealed the set was fully stocked with British tea bags at all times, and his Canadian co-stars were often baffled by his football banter with Josh.

He said: "At least I get to keep my accent, they make Josh pretend that he's American.

"I'm a Liverpool fan and he's a Chelsea fan, so we're forever bantering about that, but people are like, 'I don't know what these two are going on about!'."

Ashley was more cryptic about season three: "You can expect to see me die after episode one, which is not a secret. But I don't die, so I could come back!"


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