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Review of the Ice Child at The Lyric: Nothing wooden about these chairs

By Terry Blain

ENRIQUE Cabrera is an Argentinian choreographer, and Quartet For 15 Chairs a piece conceived for children's audiences, shows he has a lively sense of humour.

Four dancers were involved, all simply attired in white cotton. They met while reading the morning paper to a lively movement from Bach's Goldberg Variations, heard first in a perky wind arrangement, then on piano.

A small blue chair appeared stage left, and the four started playing with it. That was the cue for Cabrera's imagination to kick in, as the quartet of dancers pirouetted, bent, stretched and leapt their way around it in a fascinatingly inventive sequence.

The number of chairs gradually multiplied, until 20 minutes later the piece concluded with the precarious stacking of all 15 on top of the tallest dancer, whose attempts to side-shuffle his way into the wings ended in a mighty crash of furniture.

The music, apart from the Bach snippet and a careening Baroque aria for counter-tenor, was by the ever-versatile Belfast composer Brian Irvine.

Its fun and mischief suited the onstage action perfectly.

Quartet is an ingeniously executed piece.

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