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Reynolds: Babies a few years off

Ryan Reynolds and wife Scarlett Johansson won't be becoming parents any time soon.

The Buried star revealed he and Hollywood actress Scarlett, 25, want to have children but that it would not happen in the near future.

He told the US edition of GQ magazine: "A few years down the road, having a family. That's years away at this point."

Following reports that he and Scarlett were in the process of adopting a child from Ghana or Ethiopia, he added: "I've not adopted anything."

Ryan, 33, said marriage was "the best part" of his life.

He added: "Things change when you get married in general. But in terms of being a couple that's in a public situation and speculated about and all that nonsense, it's changed a little bit. I'm a little more guarded, I think.

"I'm a little bit more wary of having my relationship turning into a soap opera. I've just unilaterally not addressed it. That's kind of been the fail-safe for me."

The pair married in September 2008 in a small ceremony at a remote wilderness retreat in Canada.


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