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Rhys enjoys being in driving seat

Matthew Rhys has confessed his favourite thing about new drama The Americans is the stunt driving he had to do.

The Welsh actor stars with Keri Russell in the ITV drama about a pair of Russian spies living undercover as a couple in Washington in the 1980s.

Matthew told the TV Times: "One of the early reasons I became an actor is because I used to run around the garden pretending to be James Bond. Now I find myself in Brooklyn driving fast cars and shooting guns.

"Ripping around New York in those old cars was a big kick for me because I grew up on American television series like Knight Rider and The A Team.

"When I saw the cars I thought, 'These are the cars of my youth, it's like Dukes of Hazzard!'."

But while the Brothers and Sisters star might have had fun, he admits it took a lot of practise.

He revealed: "There's no power steering, though, so you have to start turning the steering wheel a few days in advance!

"There's been a few near-misses but I like to think I'm an action hero now. My stunt double might disagree."


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