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Richardson: Flack is like my sister

New Xtra Factor presenter Matt Richardson has insisted he has no designs on his co-star Caroline Flack.

The 22-year-old stand-up comedian is taking over from Olly Murs on the X Factor spin-off show, but insists his relationship with Caroline will be very different to her flirty 'will they, won't they' one with Olly.

Matt said: "I think a conscious decision to take me on is there's none of that between Caroline and I so it doesn't feel like I'm moving in on Olly's girl.

"It's a definite won't they with us. It's never going to happen. We're more like a brother and sister than an 'Ooh do they fancy each other?'

"I get on very well with her, she's very quickly become one of my very close friends. We hang out all the time when we're not filming. She's met my family, and things like that! We clicked straight away which is really nice and really useful when we have to spend so much time together filming."

The comedian admitted it was a bit upsetting when he was announced as Olly's replacement, as there was a backlash on Twitter. But he's grateful to Olly for sticking up for him.

Matt revealed: "He was very nice when I first got the job on Twitter, going, 'Everyone be nice to him he's going to be really good.' Which I really appreciated because there was a lot of people upset because Olly wasn't doing it any more.

"The first day I got it there were lots of horrible tweets with people going, 'We don't want you, we want Olly!'

"It's not my fault, he left. I didn't take his job off him, he had better things to do like being an international pop star, which I can't do. So he's got to go and do that and I get to do this now."


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