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Rick Parfitt's widow opens up about loss of Status Quo guitarist

Lyndsay said the couple’s nine-year-old twins gave her comfort.

Rick Parfitt’s widow has revealed she experiences “moments of weakness” every day since the rock star’s sudden death last year.

Lyndsay Parfitt – who had nine-year-old twins Tommy and Lily with the Status Quo guitarist – said she is determined to stay strong for her children’s sake.

The veteran musician died aged 68 on Christmas Eve 2016 after suffering a severe infection while in a Spanish hospital, which he had visited due to complications with a shoulder injury.

Speaking about the twins’ first birthday without their father, Lyndsay told Hello! magazine: “It’s a horrendous hurdle for us all.

“Lily and Tommy came in to me first thing this morning with their birthday cards. Lily was subdued. She picked up a card and used her little finger to rip it open across the top of the envelope.

“She said, ‘This is how Daddy opened his cards. If Daddy was here, he would be giving me a card, too.’”

She said her daughter’s remarks “absolutely floored” her, adding: “It was very emotional.

“I have moments of weakness every single day, but I try to be tough. I know nothing I do or say can replace the loss of the father they idolised.”

Lyndsay, 58, said she hoped the twins would follow in Parfitt’s footsteps in his approach to “live life to the full”.

“When I look at the twins, I see the richness and happiness they brought to Rick’s life and my life and that gives me comfort,” she added.

The couple married in 2006. Parfitt was previously wed to Patty Beedon and Marietta Boeker.

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