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Rihanna: Paparazzi are on my tail

Rihanna has admitted she sometimes wishes she wasn't famous.

The music superstar - who makes her film debut in sci-fi adventure Battleship - is constantly hitting the headlines and confessed it can be "annoying".

"I don't like people getting into my personal business," she said.

"Sometimes I wish I wasn't famous. It gets annoying. You want privacy for yourself. I don't know how to get around that. At least not right now. I don't know what's up, but the paparazzi seem to be on my tail right now."

The singer has recently been rumoured to be romantically involved with Demi Moore's ex-husband Ashton Kutcher, although there is also speculation she could be reuniting with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, despite his abusive past.

But Rihanna declared she is "happy and single".

She continued: "It's annoying really, especially because [the press] don't get it right.

"It's funny. I don't know why people would think I would hide someone I'm dating. I should be proud of who I'm dating, you know?"

The 24-year-old prefers to shrug off the rumours: "I don't worry about that. I just hate misperception. So when people believe a facade that is non-existent it's annoying, because you want them to know the truth. But it's pointless to say, 'That's not true'. My publicist would be so rich if I made her respond to every rumour about me because there's one every day."

:: Battleship opens in cinemas on Wednesday, April 11.


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