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Ripley: People think I'm northern

Fay Ripley has said that her best-known role in Cold Feet means people still expect her to sound northern.

It's been 10 years since the comedy drama series set in Manchester ended, but the actress who played Jenny Gifford reckons even now fans think she will be Mancunian.

The actress, who is actually from the Home Counties, said: "People always think I'm a Northerner because of Cold Feet and expect me to speak with a Mancunian accent."

Fay is also a successful cook with two published cookbooks and is working on a third, despite an intolerance to wheat and dairy.

She said her troubles with food had sometimes caused problems for her with work as eating the wrong things made her feel so ill.

"The worst moment was as I prepared to go on a live TV chat show. I suddenly felt faint, had a wave of nausea and my hands were shaking," she said. "It was so horrible. It was sheer willpower that go me through live appearances on that show and another."

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