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Ripley: Police pressure got to me

Fay Ripley has confessed the stress and pressure of playing a police detective got to her, working on new crime drama Suspects.

The Channel 5 show - which sees Fay play team boss Detective Inspector Martha Bellamy - is unscripted, so the cast were given details of the case and had to improvise how they were going to solve it.

Fay, 47, confessed: "I cried a lot initially, off screen.

"We investigated these crimes in real time, basically. If somebody goes missing in a police station, you don't have time to have a cup of tea and a biscuit, or frankly, even a wee."

And the pressure also had a lighter effect on Fay and her co-stars, Being Human actor Damien Molony and Clare-Hope Ashitey.

"Being serious a lot of the time isn't really in my DNA," she confessed. "Because we were overtired and overworked, we were really giggly. You could just see everyone going, 'There's no time for laughing, there are dead people everywhere, stop laughing!'."

And Fay, who is mum to daughter Parker, 11, and son Sonny, seven, with her Australian actor husband Daniel Lapaine, revealed her maternal instinct kicked in while she was crime-solving.

"As a Detective Inspector, you have to step back from the reality of crime and do your job objectively, but I'm not sure I could," she admitted. "I think I'd be too much of a mum. During filming, I had to stop myself telling a hardened killer to stop being a silly billy, and a kidnapper to sit on the naughty step.

"My heart would sink when I saw, 'Oh God, the kid's missing, the kid's dead'. But you bring that to the table and think, 'OK, as a mum, how would I react? I'd want to find out who did it very quickly. And so that's how we'd investigate it."

:: Suspects begins on Channel 5 on Wednesday, February 12.


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